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Company Overview

We are a team of business consultants duly registered with the CENTRO NACIONAL DE CONSULTORÍA (National Consulting Center), under Reg. 1362. Our areas of expertise are Auditing, Accounting, Taxation, Human Resources, Finance, Organization and Methods, Due Diligence, Legal and Equity Restructuring.

We have 15-year experience and expertise serving different Peruvian market industries.


Provide high-quality professional services to our clients in order to help them achieve their business objectives and goals, streamlining and promoting their business growth by providing them with solutions, alternatives and true and appropriate information to increase their management level.


Become one of the best business consulting organizations, focused on the model of Excellence in Auditing, Accounting, Corporate and Legal Advice and Human Resources, by providing our clients with appropriate and true information to transmit them security and confidence.

Our values

We will be always committed to work with honesty, loyalty, respect, responsibility and confidence, with all our clients, as it is the fundamental basis and the reason for being of our company.

Our Areas of Expertise


The accounting of non-domiciled airlines has a different tax treatment compared to local airlines and any other domestic lines of business, which is reflected in our consulting service with proper tax planning, for the purpose of creating important tax benefits for our clients.

International Cargo Agent Advisors

The International Cargo Agents use to work with a complete and detailed control of their gross results through controlling the earnings versus the costs of the cargo, which are determined on a monthly basis.

Due Diligence

  • Business Transaction Services
  • Business Valuation Services
  • Sale of Business or Acquisition Process Services

Organization and Methods

  • Organizational Chart Development
  • Functions Manual Development
  • Procedures Manual Development


  • Financial Audits
  • Tax Audits
  • Operational Audits

Accounting Services

  • Partial or Full, In-House or External Accounting Services
  • Accounting Outsourcing
  • Tax Planning

Legal Advice Services

  • Business Law Advice
  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Contract Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Real Property and Construction Law
  • Business Turnaround and Bankruptcy Law
  • Tax Law and Tax Planning
  • Labor Law and Special Regimes
  • Economic Criminal Law
  • Arbitration and Commercial Procedural Law
  • Occupational Safety and Health Law

Human Resources Management

  • Human Resources Management
  • Payroll Administration
  • Employment Contract Management and everything related to Human Resources
  • Legal – Labor Advice on Human Resources
  • Development of Occupational Safety and Health Regulations and Internal Regulations

Our Partners and Associates


Our Services


Preparation of financial statements issued according to the parameters detailed in the International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS. We have managed to develop the ability to help executives of our clients develop the strong professional criteria required for making technical decisions.

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Tax Advice

All financial statements are issued in accordance with the parameters detailed in the International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS. We have managed to develop the ability to help executives of our clients develop the strong professional criteria required for making technical decisions.

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Audit Services

Our auditors are known for their ability to detect mistakes and find the best solutions for the benefit of our clients. We also identify the opportunities that may have went unnoticed. We have one of the best work teams to deal with tax audits. They have extensive work experience as former SUNAT (National Superintendence of Tax Administration) tax auditors.

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Business Law

We provide the best advice and consulting service and legal-business representation, under the most demanding efficiency standards to resolve the legal cases of our clients. We provide services in all areas of the Business Law to national and foreign individuals and corporations.

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Human Resources Management

Hernandez-Randich has designed the policy and training of HR professionals with the expertise on giving solutions to the market’s needs and challenges from the personnel management viewpoint in order to find a better way to generate competitive advantages that may deal with the new technologies.

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Equity Growth Advisory

SUNAT is developing a program for auditing individuals due to unjustified equity growth, for the purpose of detecting tax evasion. This program aims at identifying taxpayers engaged in economic activities that are generating income that has not been declared…

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E.R.P. Systems

Provide professional services by maintaining a continuous search of business information solutions using different accounting software such as: NAVASOFT, CONCAR, SAP, SIDIGE, SOFTCOM, SISCOM and other accounting systems.

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Data Processing Systems

Currently, in the Information Age, it is clearer that companies who know their business critical information accurately and rapidly will be the winning companies. We adapt to the different software of our clients, update their accounts, and meet the needs of your companies.

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Our Clients

Work Method

External Accounting Service

We will keep the accounts of our clients at our offices with their own Computerized Accounting System, gather the documentation in a weekly basis, process it, and deliver in the first week of the following month the financial statements accumulated in the closing month.

We will prepare payroll forms, determine taxes and contributions, as well as classified documentation.

In-house Accounting Service

Accounts will be kept at the facilities of our clients, so a compatible PC must be required, adapted to the schedule and policy of the company, with the client’s or our own accounting software. The documentation will be classified and processed until obtaining the accumulated and closing month’s financial statements, preparing payroll forms, determining taxes and contributions, and everything related to the Accounting Department for records.

Achievements and Acknowledgments

  • Due Diligence for the acquisition of Express Transports SA (Import and Export Division) by Kuehne & Nagel – 1995.
  • Tax Planning Restatement Project of German airlines – 1993.
  • Comprehensive Reorganization of Basco Peruana SAC to achieve goals and new marketing strategies.
  • Drawback Process Evaluation to different exporters legally eligible for the benefits of the system – Permanently requested.
  • Equity Reorganization of Express Transports SA. for improvements on their goal and objective scopes in the international market.
  • “Agencia de Aduana Castellano” Equity Restructuring.
  • Defense of Peruvian prominent figures before the Tax Administration on Unjustified Equity Growth.

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